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Web Designer or Graphic Designer, Whichever You May Need – Patrick Browne is Always There

Graphic Design

Web Designer or Graphic Designer, Whichever You May Need – Patrick Browne is Always There

An old customer of ours asked a very pertinent question the other day. She was curious to know whether we are Graphic Designers or Web Designers, to be very specific. I excused for a minute to bring her a cup of coffee and then clarified the issue to her fullest satisfaction.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design, to be precise, entails creation of graphics with the help of appropriate type face (some require serif face, while some others are best expressed in sans serif faces), photographs and illustrations to represent an idea. Although Graphic Designs are mostly associated with the print industry, they are also found in web projects. Graphic Designers usually generate digital graphics which are subsequently turned into flyer, pamphlet, brochure, etc. In short, they take ideas, thoughts, messages, etc and then shape these into visual form through sundry media. Most Graphic Designers use Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) while some use Quark Xpress.

What is Web Design?

Web Design also entails creation of graphics with the help of typography, illustration, etc, with the only difference being the use of World Wide Web. A Web Designer needs some special skill too. Websites need to load quickly and run well. Besides, he has to account for issues such as screen resolution, file size, etc that needs to compensate with overall speed and satisfactory performance.. In order to meet such exigencies, Web Designers usually go for compressed graphics, maybe at the cost of quality and value. But above all, Web Designers are required to turn their designs into a workable website. This again needs fullest familiarity with HTML (HyperText Markup Language) as also CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

However, I assured her that we at Patrick Browne provide both the services for our clients, while it is up to them to choose whichever they like.

Graphic Design Company Mayo

Patrick Browne is now considered the best Graphic Design Company in Mayo. We combine art and technology to communicate thoughts via images and the outline of web screens and printed pages. We are also capable of developing the overall layout and blueprint for brochures, magazines and corporate portfolios. What’s more, we offer free advice as to what images will go well with a given text as also the typestyle best suited for the work. Our vocational routine typically involves the following.

  • Arranging conference with client, along with the art director (if possible) to determine the range of a project
  • Determining the type of message the design is supposed to carry
  • Creating visuals or audio images related to product or theme
  • Providing options for selection of color, images, text style and layout
  • Providing free hand drawing or computer graphics for the client to in regard to sale of
  • product/products
  • Presenting the token design before the client for approval
  • Implementing changes preferred by the client or art director
  • Reviewing designs for error or omissions before final submission.

Patrick Browne is also reckoned as one of the leading firms noted as Graphic Design Galway and Graphic Design West of Ireland.


Whenever in doubt about selecting a reliable Graphic Designer for you or your company, call 086 831 9322 or send an email to: hello@patrickbrownedesign.com for instant response.

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